Sunset at Valley Forge

I love seeing families come back year after year! Fanny and Renzo have kept me busy the past few years and I just LOVE to photograph their beautiful family. We decided on a sunset session at Valley Forge park. Valley Forge is a photographer’s paradise. I could drive around for hours looking for new spots for my next family session. I hope to get my family back there eventually for some pictures of our own….fingers crossed!!

Here are few highlights from our session this past Sunday!


Sophia: Senior Session

I have been M.I.A. on the blog for quite some time! I figured it was about time I featured another senior session, and who better than beautiful Sophia! We met for a sunset session and walked along the Picturesque streets of Doylestown. The weather was cool and fall was in the air! She couldn’t have picked a better evening! Doylestown offers a vast variety of backdrops that are perfect for any senior looking for that casual candid vibe. My favorite was the end of our shoot……sun was setting…..tables were set……candles burning and bistro lights shining! ….it made for the perfect ending to our session! If you are still in need of senior portraits feel free to reach out to me via

Hallie: Senior Session

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I will say it again…..I LOVE Senior Sessions!!!  They are so much fun!  I have never found more willing and fun participants than senior girls!  Hallie was an absolute joy to work with!  We had an unseasonably HOT day, but despite that it was beautiful!  Hallie was stunning in every way…I don’t think it would be possible for this girl to take a bad pic!  Even a random guy on the street felt he needed to giver her a flower :O)……So we took advantage and used it in her hair!  (Go figure it just so happened to match her outfit!)

Thanks for letting me to do your senior pics!!  I hope you enjoy and best of luck in your senior year!


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Courtney Senior Session

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We had the BEST weather last night for Courtney’s senior session!  It was a taste of fall on a cool August evening!  I had the pleasure of photographing all of the Supp children and Courtney BY FAR had the best weather!  Courtney is the baby of the family and it seems like just yesterday I remember seeing her as the “little Supp girl” at church….how time flies (I know her Mom and Dad would agree)!  As I sent MY  oldest off to her first day of high school today, I couldn’t help thinking that in just a short time I will be taking her senior pictures!

Courtney, you are a beautiful girl!  I hope your Senior year is all you dreamed of and may God bless you as you get ready to start your next adventure!


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