Courtney Senior Session

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We had the BEST weather last night for Courtney’s senior session!  It was a taste of fall on a cool August evening!  I had the pleasure of photographing all of the Supp children and Courtney BY FAR had the best weather!  Courtney is the baby of the family and it seems like just yesterday I remember seeing her as the “little Supp girl” at church….how time flies (I know her Mom and Dad would agree)!  As I sent MY  oldest off to her first day of high school today, I couldn’t help thinking that in just a short time I will be taking her senior pictures!

Courtney, you are a beautiful girl!  I hope your Senior year is all you dreamed of and may God bless you as you get ready to start your next adventure!


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The Yoder Family

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Finishing up the Yoder family session today!  Extended family shoots can sometimes be a little more challenging, but the Yoder family was a joy to work with!  We headed over the historic Jacob Reiff Farmstead.  It may not be a lot to look at from the road, but I appreciate its old rustic charm…..and great variety of backdrops in a small space!

Thanks again to the Yoder family for letting me photography your family!

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Welcome to the world LAUREL!!!

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I had a visit from these two sweeties yesterday!  I did Nora’s newborn pictures a few years back and she was a DREAM to work with!!  Her new baby sis had a lot to live up to!  Dillon and Sara must just make easy babies because Laurel was “almost” as easy as her big sis!  Once she fell asleep she was super flexible ;O)

Nora even requested her own “private” photo shoot while her baby sis was eating!  I am so glad she did because we got some priceless shots!

Dillon and Sara, thank you for giving me the honor to work with your girls!!

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Rachel & Sean Engagement

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I had the privilege to work with Rachel and Sean last evening at sunset.  Rachel was one of my past senior clients and recently contacted me for her engagement session.  Rachel and Sean kind of remind me of my husband and I when we were young….They are high school sweethearts,  engaged young,  separate colleges…..Rachel even goes to the same college that my husband went!  Such a sweet couple!

Rachel and Sean were so easy and go-with-the flow!  We walked around Lenape at sunset and dodged MANY MANY bikers and runners on the bridge.  Their love for each other came beaming through!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favs from their session!

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The Derstine Family

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Ivan and Lorene have been wanting an updated family picture for some time now!   Lorene and I have been chatting about this at swim meets for the past year now!  Well we FINALLY got a date down on the calendar this past weekend!  Lorene envisioned the shoot to take place at their family home where the their children grew up.  Ivan designed and built their home from ground up!  I always remember going to their home as a child for church gatherings, I always noted how unique it was.  Never have I seen another home like it!

When I arrived on Saturday, it was evident that they still take much pride in keeping their property beautiful!  Rainbows of colorful flowers and gardens everywhere you look!  (They even have speakers in their garden to listen to music as they enjoy their gardening….I may have to hire them to come do some work at my house!)

The Derstines have been blessed with 2 children and 6 beautiful grandchildren!  I am so glad we finally got to capture you beautiful family!  I hope you enjoy!

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blog (3 of 4).jpgThis past Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to work with the sweet Overby Family.  I always get excited when I hear “TWINS”!!  These two peanuts turned ONE this past week and let me tell you that these two did NOT disappoint!  From beginning to end they were ‘Hamming it out’!!  Ashley had envisioned capturing their 1 year pics in a peach orchard (I mean who doesn’t love peaches?)  We headed over to Tabora Farms on a beautiful, sunny and not-so-hot afternoon.  The lighting in between the trees was picture perfect!  I can honestly say that this themed session was one of my all time favs!  I don’t know how these two could get any cuter!!  Thanks to Derek and Ashley for letting me capture your 2 littles one year milestone.