Hallie: Senior Session

face (1 of 1)-29

I will say it again…..I LOVE Senior Sessions!!!  They are so much fun!  I have never found more willing and fun participants than senior girls!  Hallie was an absolute joy to work with!  We had an unseasonably HOT day, but despite that it was beautiful!  Hallie was stunning in every way…I don’t think it would be possible for this girl to take a bad pic!  Even a random guy on the street felt he needed to giver her a flower :O)……So we took advantage and used it in her hair!  (Go figure it just so happened to match her outfit!)

Thanks for letting me to do your senior pics!!  I hope you enjoy and best of luck in your senior year!


face (1 of 1)face (1 of 1)-2face (1 of 1)-5face (1 of 1)-8face (1 of 1)-6face (1 of 1)-9face (1 of 1)-11face (1 of 1)-12face (1 of 1)-13face (1 of 1)-14face (1 of 1)-18face (1 of 1)-17face (1 of 1)-16face (1 of 1)-7face (1 of 1)-19face (1 of 1)-22face (1 of 1)-20face (1 of 1)-26face (1 of 1)-27face (1 of 1)-25face (1 of 1)-29face (1 of 1)-28face (1 of 1)-30face (1 of 1)-31face (1 of 1)-32face (1 of 1)-34face (1 of 1)-35face (1 of 1)-37

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