Man’s Best Friend

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Meet Baur!  I think Baur is just “a little” spoiled……after all, he DID have an entire photo session devoted around HIM!  He even came with his very own eagles jersey and matching hat!

Tim and Joanne are true dog lovers, I believe they may have more dogs living in their house than humans??  (Correct me if I am wrong guys!)  Whenever Joanne and I are chatting together at work, somehow we always end up talking about our dogs!  What can I say, I guess we are just two proud dog Mamas!

Tim and Baur are best buds!  On most occasions, Baur goes to work with Tim and gets to ride along in his work van.  Tim told me that Baur is considered a company employee!  I was told that Tim will often get a ‘doggy-tude” if he does not take Baur to work with him.

Baur is getting older now and has not been feeling his best lately.  One night at work I heard Joanne talking about her boyfriends dog that was ill  (of course my ears perk up when I hear someone talking about their sick pup).  She said she wanted to do something special for Tim to give him some lasting memories of Baur.  That is when I chimed in and said, “Let’s do a photoshoot!” ……………..Well 2 weeks later I got to meet this sweet boy in person!

Lets just say Baur had some pain medication on board that day so he was one happy camper during his shoot!  I say WHATEVER WORKS!  If I had to pick one word to describe this dog (from the short time I met him), it would be “HAPPY”!  Did you ever see a dog smile?!  I DID!!  What a fun shoot we had!  So thankful we got to capture these memories of your special friend!

If Baur could talk, I think he would say “Thank You……Thank you for giving me the best life possible!  Thank you for taking me to work with you everyday and giving me that “special place” in your truck.  Thank you for all those yummy treats you spoil me with.  Thank you for all those long walks and ball chases.  Thank you for letting me cuddle in your bed at night.  Thank you for those ear scratches and long belly rubs.  Thank you for giving me lots of furry friends to play with everyday.  But most of all……Thank you for loving me the way you do and for being a dogs best friend!

Have YOU hugged your dog today!?

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