Michaela Senior Session

Happy New Year to all!  It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, but what better way to bring in the new year than to start with a beautiful senior session!   I’ll say it again….I LOVE senior sessions and Michaela did not disappoint!

Best of luck Michaela as you finish your senior year!BLOG (1 of 1)-31BLOG (1 of 1)-25BLOG (1 of 1)-26BLOG (1 of 1)-27BLOG (1 of 1)-28BLOG (1 of 1)-29BLOG (1 of 1)-30BLOG (1 of 1)-24BLOG (1 of 1)-23BLOG (1 of 1)-22BLOG (1 of 1)-21BLOG (1 of 1)-19BLOG (1 of 1)-18BLOG (1 of 1)-17BLOG (1 of 1)-15BLOG (1 of 1)-12BLOG (1 of 1)-13BLOG (1 of 1)-10BLOG (1 of 1)-11BLOG (1 of 1)-9


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